JavaScript libraries comparison

JavaScript Libraries

JQuery Mootols Minified Zepto

Size Comparison

Name Legacy IE Support Compiled Size Compiled and GZip’d
minified-web.js yes 9.1kb 4089 bytes
minified-web.noie.js no 7.7kb 3429 bytes
jQuery 1.10.2 yes 91kb 32kb
jQuery 2.0.3 no 82kb 29kb
MooTools Core NoCompat 1.4.5 yes 88kb 29kb
Zepto.js 1.0 no 27kb 9.7kb

Feature Comparison

Feature Minified jQuery MooTools Zepto.js
CSS Selector yes

CSS1 or browser engine

CSS3 subset + extensions

CSS3 subset + extensions

browser engine
CSS Style Changes yes yes yes yes
CSS Class Changes yes yes yes yes
Element Creation yes yes

HTML-strings only
yes yes

HTML-strings only
Element Cloning yes yes yes yes
DOM Manipulation yes yes yes yes
Animation (numeric) yes yes yes yes

CSS transitions only
Animation (color) yes no yes yes

CSS transitions only
Events yes yes yes yes
DOMReady yes yes yes yes
Ajax/XHR yes yes yes yes
Promises/A+-compatible yes yes no no
JSON yes yes yes yes
Cookies yes no yes no
Form Serialization no yes no yes
Array Helpers (Iteration) no

will be in Util module
yes yes yes
AMD support yes yes no no
Online Builder yes

modules and functions
no yes

Internet Explorer 6-8 compatible yes

IE-support optional

jQuery 1.x only
yes no


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